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 Oracle Applications Services  
Get the expert applications support you need to win in the fast-paced, ever-changing digital economy
CAPP Systems is the specialist in Oracle Applications services, combining creativity with proven methods and deep technical expertise to craft the solutions you need to enhance productivity, realize a higher ROI on your application investments and keep your customers satisfied.
Our real-world solutions make even the most complex systems simple.
Coupling competitive market rates with service excellence, we provide maximum business value, ensuring you get the right people, processes and technologies to get the job done.
So whether you want to supplement your in-house development staff during a quick-turn project or outsource support of all your enterprise applications for the long-term CAPP Systems has the comprehensive range of services to meet your needs.
Application Support and Development
Take command of your marketplace with innovative applications that make a difference. CAPP Systems Oracle Application Development and Support (OADS) creates new applications, providing full lifecycle support through delivery. Proven processes and methodologies ensure a consistent environment for seamless, predictable delivery worldwide, reducing your development costs through leveraged resources.
Using a proven four-phased approach, our OADS experts:
Define the application requirements.
Analyze the application characteristics.
Produce/Implement the application to a production environment.
Monitor performance during post-implementation support
And if you need rapid implementation of a stand-alone application with dynamic, changing requirements, we have the answer. This highly flexible option accelerates the time to create and deploy your new application, so you get to market faster with it.
Application Consultancy
Choice and flexibility. That's what CAPP Systems Oracle Application Selective Outsourcing (OASO) is all about. We offer full outsourcing support either for specific applications or for your entire application portfolio. You decide what makes sense for your organization to outsource, whether it's a single enterprise-class application, your back office systems or all your applications. That way, you retain as much -- or as little -- control as you want, so you're better able to delegate internal resources to satisfying the needs of your core business.
CAPP Systems Oracle Application Selective Outsourcing Services gives you the choice and flexibility of outsourcing support for specific applications or for your entire application portfolio. Using a proven three-phase approach, CAPP Systems assesses applications, plans the transition and provides ongoing management. Reliable help desk, training and project management services round out the package
The results? Higher workplace productivity and efficiency. Faster, more complete return on your applications investment. Even lower IT spend. With the savings, you're set to re-invest and re-focus on what's really important: the business of business.
Using a proven three-phase approach, CAPP Systems expert team:
Assesses the specified applications  efficiency Features
Application Portfolio Assessment
Transition Management
Application Maintenance
Application Enhancements
Application Production Support
Database Management
Applications Continuity
Help Desk
· Project Management Excellence
Application Selective Outsourcing
Ensure your mission critical enterprise system delivers on its promises. CAPP Systems Enterprise Oracle Application Management (EOAM) provides ongoing functional and application support for your enterprise Oracle Applications packaged software. Our expert leveraged management stabilizes, optimizes and extends your packaged application so that its functionality continues to meet your growing -- and changing -- needs. We maintain the integrity of the software package for easier vendor upgrades. And you control spending through predictable maintenance costs.
We assume responsibility for:
Functional help desk
Program management
Vendor fixes
Minor enhancements
Functional extensions
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